Why Do Parents Choose to Homeschool?

Just as there are no two identical families that choose to home educate, there are no two identical sets of reasons why many parents take on the challenge.  While the stereotype of an “ultra religious” homeschooling family is still out there, the truth is that parents have dozens of factors that influence their final commitment to put their kids out of public schools – and that many of them even homeschool each child in their family for a completely different reason. 

Let’s look at some of the more common motives behind the desire to home educate:

The Truth about Working from Home... with Toddlers

I have had five toddlers living in my home over the years. Some were calm, choosing to play quietly in a corner for hours on end while I worked and planned my business. Some were active, mischievous, and required lots of patience and supervision, keeping from doing much until the wee hours of the night.

And then there was this last one.. my now 18-month-old Marcus. He officially changed the rules of being a 1099 Mom with a toddler at home. 

I can imagine that for most Moms, there is at least one “high-needs” kid in the household. Working from home with one in your care, however, takes a delicate balance of being attentive and not allowing yourself to be completely run over. It also takes a lot of help.

Here are my real-life tips for working at home with a toddler underfoot: 


Ask a Homeschooler: Should I Pull My Kids from School Because of a Bully?

A reader writes in with this question:

"We switched schools when my son was in 1st grade specifically to avoid a boy who had some serious bully issues that no one in the school would address. The kid is seriously scary and now, at 3rd grade, we are frightened as to what he could do! This troubled boy's school is closing and there's a good chance he could be attending my childrens' school.  I've spoken to the administration about my concerns, but I don't know if they will be taken seriously.  Is homeschooling an option for us?"