Ask a Homeschooler: Should I Pull My Kids from School Because of a Bully?

A reader writes in with this question:

"We switched schools when my son was in 1st grade specifically to avoid a boy who had some serious bully issues that no one in the school would address. The kid is seriously scary and now, at 3rd grade, we are frightened as to what he could do! This troubled boy's school is closing and there's a good chance he could be attending my childrens' school.  I've spoken to the administration about my concerns, but I don't know if they will be taken seriously.  Is homeschooling an option for us?" 

Many parents decide to homeschool due to an unsafe educational enviroment (whether it be a particular bully or the atmosphere in general.)  I'm sure you've thought of this, but for every bully you know about, there will be 2-3 you don't know about.  As a homeschool mom, it's nice not seeing my kids have to stress about these things, and, while they are not in a bubble (we encounter plenty of troubled kids even at the homeschool group activities), it's a blessing to be able to coach them through how to handle it in a way that is safe and that keeps them feeling positive about education and other children in general. I was bullied growing up horribly. It was not the reason I homeschooled, but now that I see more kids in my family being bullied (or even being bullies), I realize that it may not be impossible to avoid in an institutional setting.

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