The Truth about Working from Home... with Toddlers

I have had five toddlers living in my home over the years. Some were calm, choosing to play quietly in a corner for hours on end while I worked and planned my business. Some were active, mischievous, and required lots of patience and supervision, keeping from doing much until the wee hours of the night.

And then there was this last one.. my now 18-month-old Marcus. He officially changed the rules of being a 1099 Mom with a toddler at home. 

I can imagine that for most Moms, there is at least one “high-needs” kid in the household. Working from home with one in your care, however, takes a delicate balance of being attentive and not allowing yourself to be completely run over. It also takes a lot of help.

Here are my real-life tips for working at home with a toddler underfoot: 

1. Beat boredom. The number one reason most toddlers melt down, bug you, or cry is that they have nothing to do. Sure, there is a bucketful of toys within reach, but they’ve likely played with them a million time. They need focus, new playthings, and stimulation that falls outside of their normal experiences. My favorite way to keep a toddler entertained is to grab 5 random (but safe) objects from around the house for them to play with. Good ones include a wire whisk, a tennis ball, an old magazine, and a pretty scarf. You’d be surprised at how having unique playthings can take the edge off.

Looking for tips #2-4? Read them at the original post on the blog!


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